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Writer. Marketer. Strategist.


I am Proma Nautiyal. 

Marketer with over a decade's experience in all kinds of marketing, right from PR, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, and of course, copywriting. 

I have learned & experienced marketing hands-on from some of the best in the industry and have been passing on the favor by mentoring up-and-coming marketers and learning from them, as well. 

My core strengths are empathy, keen insights as to how people think and behave, crafting words that appeal to them, and creating strategies that are game changers for my clients. You can read all about what they think of my consulting sessions in the testimonials. 

Fondly known as DigiWitch, I believe in crafting magic through the power of storytelling. My keen love for tech and SaaS has also led to the nickname SaaSy SaaS-head. 

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Proma is a thought leader in her space and I've had the pleasure of working with her for several months, where she managed our marketing end-to-end. She is always hungry for bigger goals and inspires us in the core team to think bigger. With tons of learnings from her, she can be a remarkable asset to work side-by-side with.

Empathy has been her forte and I found her to be the perfect fit for startups that are looking to 10x their brand reach. She can devise her OKRs well as per the business goals and can drive the initiatives with resources in place all on her own.

Vikshak Prakash
Co-Founder, Edvolve

DigiWitch is your one-stop-shop for everything Digital...right from excellent content to great tips to market your content, you will find it all at DigiWitch.

Proma is a wonder woman with words and strategies, and will never give you any advice which is too good to be true. She focuses on quality over quantity and ensures her clients understand how to communicate their value proposition to their TG in the most innovative ways.

She is always available to help you through your doubts and dilemmas and makes for a great guide.

Ankita Sahni
Fitness Influencer,

Proma created the website content for our company and we have been working together ever since. She is currently in charge of our digital marketing efforts, as well. Over these few months, I have come to realize that she is extremely dependable and works with integrity. She ensures timely submissions, post updates, be it blog posts, social media posts, or writing case studies. She is creative and comes up with new ideas and fresh perspectives for campaigns that we run. A team player, distance is no barrier when it comes to collaborating with her on new ideas and approaches.

Rinkesh Shah
Founder, Roars Tech

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